Awards Judging Panel


The Secretariat of the Awards is Dr. Dylan Chown, a secondary teacher himself and now a leading academic studying the practice of (Islamic) educational institutions at the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) at the University of South Australia. As the Secretariat, Dr. Chown helps support the determination of the voting criteria and choosing judges who are appropriately qualified for the assessment of the respective applications.


The Awards follow a strict and independent process which engenders confidence and credibility in the awards granting process. This involves two major elements:

  1. Independent judging panel  
  2. Well defined and transparent scoring criteria for each set of awards 

The independent judging panel are made up of individuals who are upstanding citizens known for their commitment to integrity, transparency and justice. If they do have a conflict with a particular award, they are required to declare their conflict of interest, in which case their score and vote is excluded from the final determination.


  • Upon reaching the deadline for applications, all incomplete and unverified applications are eliminated by the Crescent Foundation team;
  • The applications are then forwarded to the judges in a consolidated file along with the scoring sheet;
  • The judges are required to score each of them against the scoring card provided to them;
  • The scores are then compiled and then averaged to identify the highest scores across all criteria;
  • Once the top finalists for each category are compiled, the judges are invited to a session to deliberate if the top scorer identified is a unanimous decision amongst the judges for that specific award. If all the judges are in agreement with the identified top scorer and there is a low variance across the scores, then the award is finalized. If the judges disagree on the top scorer or if there is high variance amongst the scores, then the judges deliberate to settle on a unanimous decision (beginning from the top scoring finalists).    


10 April 2022: Awards opened for applications

30 June 2022: Awards closed for applications at 5pm AEST

05 July 2022: The list of nominees and respective scoring sheets are sent to the judges 

18-22 July 2022: Judges deliberate and finalise winner and runners up for each category 

06 August 2022: Awards are granted to the winner and runners up at the Crescent Awards Gala Dinner